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Javier or the Uncomfortable Chair

Project Type

Product Design


June 2023

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Introducing "Javier or the Uncomfortable Chair" — a captivating blend of curiosity and aesthetics. Crafted with a solid American walnut structure, this chair showcases angled front legs and reclining vertical legs at the back, adding both stability and visual intrigue. The base, made of durable solid plastic, features a striking geometric design in contrasting black and white. Topping it off is the plush leather upholstery, carefully selected for comfort and a touch of indulgence. Despite its name, this chair surprises with its true comfort and ergonomic design. "Javier or the Uncomfortable Chair" stands as a conversation piece, embodying an intriguing balance of form and function. Whether as a focal point or a cozy spot to unwind, this unique chair invites you to experience comfort with a dash of curiosity in your space.

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